Hottest Asian Women -Philippines # 9 Jessy Mendiola


Jessy Mendiola also was known as Jessica Mendiola Tawile was born on December 3, 1992. This hot Asian girl is a Filipino actress who played the titular character in the 2013 remake of the famous Mexican telenovela Maria Mercedes.

This beautiful Asian lady was born in Dubai. She is the daughter of a Filipino mother and a half Lebanese, half British father.

In the year 2016, this hot Asian girl was given the title as the #1 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines. This title was awarded by FHM, the leading men’s magazine of the Philippines.

Her skills in acting enabled her to have the much-coveted role in the Philippine remake of Maria Mercedes. On this same year, this sexy Asian girl was appointed by Korean Tourism Organization as the Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism.

In the year 2015, Mendiola was given another lead role in the comedy-drama Must Date the Playboy, with beautiful actress Kim Chiu, and handsome Xian Lim and Matt Evans. Jessy also appeared in the romantic family drama You’re My Home, with another beautiful Asian actress Dawn Zulueta, and actors Richard Gomez and JC de Vera.

A lot has still in store on the career of this hot Asian actress. This girl definitely deserves all the best of what life has to offer her and her hard work is the key to her success.

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