Hottest Asian Women -Philippines #10 Jennylyn Mercado



Jennylyn Anne Pineda Mercado is a talented and hot asian Filipino actress who’s also a good singer and songwriter. This hot asian lady got her break after winning in the first season of StarStruck, a reality talent competition.

Mercado started her career in 1999 as a recording artist with Alpha Records. After this stint with G4,her singing group, Jennylyn tried a career as a commercial model and landed a project with Bambini cologne and a project for Pond’s television ads. She also became a part of the Elite Circle of 10 Modeling Search where she crossed paths with fellow StarStruck finalist, Dion Ignacio.

Jennylyn rose to stardom because of her superb acting performances in both television and film. This hot asian girl became popular because of her multiple box office movies that include English Only, Please (2014), another is The Prenup in 2015, added on the list is her movie with Jerecho titled Walang Forever (2015), and her stint with John Lloyd in the movie Just the 3 of Us (2016).

Jennylyn, a beautiful, sexy and multi-talented asian lady was given the opportunity by GMA Records and Viva Records to create record albums. This gave her the chance to have several popular singles that include “Sa Aking Panaginip”, “Moments Of Love” which is in collaboration with Janno Gibbs, a remake of “Maybe This Time” and “Kahit Sandali”.

In 2017, she became a daily television idol because of her role in a telenovela. She played the role of Steffi, the leading role in the Philippine remake of the koreanovela My Love from the Star.

Through the years, Jennylyn has proven to the world that she isn’t just a hot asian girl but a talented and hard-working artist.

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