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Why are other nationalities attracted to Asian Women- Findmate Asia

Asian women are known for their good traits like being family oriented, thoughtful, loving, and being caring for their husband. It is worth noting though that Asia is composed of several countries and each country has its own culture. Let’s take a Thai girl’s trait for example. They are known for being polite, this can easily be seen when roaming around Thailand. Another trait that you would admire about them is that they are not loud. This could be influenced by their culture. A typical Thai girl (not those types you found in bars) is being fine and demure. Findmate Asia will feature more of the good traits of Asian woman in our other posts.

Another country where women’s characteristics and physical traits stand out is in the Philippines. Being influenced by western culture, a Filipina speaks good English. This means that your communication barrier is minimized. Another trait that makes them stand out is their good figure. A Filipina is body-conscious and they exert effort to take care of their body. They are very aware of cleanliness and would take care of their homes the way they take care of their body. Additionally, a Filipina’s beauty stands out among many nations. This is evident in many international beauty competition, one of which is the Miss Universe. A reason for this is because Philippines is colonized by many countries that include Spain, US, and Japan. The marriages forged between these nationalities have produced beautiful kids which later own grown to be beautiful Filipinas. If they have beauty, they also have brains. Filipinas have high education levels. The Philippine society is full of talented women in different industries and they enjoy top positions in the multi-national companies. The Philippine culture used to have a belief that women should stay at home to take care of the kids but modern generations have given the opportunity for the women to enjoy their career and have house-help to take care of the kids. However, we can’t discount the fact the Filipina’s are very family oriented and would see to it that the emotional needs and other needs of the family are met.

The advantages of living in Asia

If you will fall in love with an Asian, you will also fall in love with Asia’s top tourist destinations. If you’re interested in visiting temples, impressive structures, and castles, then visit Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Forbidden city of Beijing, and Grand Palace of Bangkok. You can also indulge yourself with the Japanese culture and visit many of their temples. Moreover, enjoy the colors of cherry blossoms while you fill your stomach with Japanese food. Hike the impressive Great Wall of China and discover the story behind the Taj Mahal of India.


If you love nature and the beach, then explore the many beaches of Philippines. You can try the world famous white sands of Boracay. Ride a kayak and be amazed by the lagoons and coral reef of El Nido. Not to mention the hundreds of natural waterfalls that can be seen in the country.If you prefer Thai’s, you can go to Thailand and check Phi Phi Islands. Worth considering also is the beach resorts of Bali Indonesia and Phuket, Thailand.


Cost of living in Asia is relatively cheap. Cost of living in these countries is usually 1/3 of that in the United States. House rental goes from 300USD to 800 USD. Taxi fare is relatively affordable so you can roam around comfortably. Food is something that visitors look forward to when visiting Asia. Each country has its own delicacy and you must enjoy these when visiting Asian Countries. Some countries prefer spicy food while others love soup and vegetable on their meal. Rice is the common item in Asian meal and it is their main source of carbohydrates as compared to westerners who prefer bread or pasta in their meals. Tea and coffee are common among Asians and beer are also available in most restaurant and bars. Some countries lie on the equator and enjoy the tropical climate. In these countries, there is summer and rainy season. Other countries, however, experience the 4 seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall. These choices make staying in Asia more fun and enjoyable. Findmate Asia will feature other tourist spots in our next posts.


Things you should know when dating an Asian Girl

  1. Partner selection involves the family.

Close family ties is a trait common among Asians. The immediate family and some relatives are often consulted when choosing a life partner. If you want to be successful in the dating and courting process, it helps to win the hearts of the parents and close relatives too.


  1. Some Asian countries still believe in superstitious beliefs. Certain actions are not permitted in order to prevent bad luck and not to anger the spirits. It will work to your advantage to ask first before planning any activities.


  1. Be prepared to eat the food that they ordered.

Women really love food especially desserts. When on a date, they enjoy ordering delicious food. However, they stop eating the moment they remember that they are already gaining weight or when they already feel full. It is a common practice not to have too many leftovers. So whose job is it to finish all the food? Yes, it will be your duty to eat the remaining food. So be ready to gain some extra pounds during the dating and courting period.


  1. Asians love delicious but “smelly” food.

When dating Asians, expect the unexpected. Some Asian countries love dried fish, others want kimchi, while the Philippines has the fruit Durian. These food has a strong smell but definitely tastes good. It would take some time to get acquainted with these types of food but it is worth it. An Asian lover would take care of your heart and would satisfy your stomach.


  1. Asian women may get dramatic sometimes.

Soap opera or tv series with dramatic themes are common in Asian living rooms. That’s why they sometimes think that it is “okay” to be emotional and exaggerate life experiences. During these times, just be supportive and show that you understand their pains and concerns. You don’t need to offer a solution (it doesn’t matter), just be the shoulder they can lean on.

Findmate Asia’s goal is to guide you in your dating journey.